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Luxury in China - The Driven Force and Ways to Create Efficiency and Growth

Internet is definitely today the most important gateway to do the business in China for global brands. According to latest Bain & Company research, China local luxury consumption is now represent 21% of global market, and may grow up to 25% in 2025. It will become the largest single country market. For any brands, to boost or to start their business in China, the understanding of China latest consumers’ insights and its unique internet environment are crucial factors to succeed. WWD China, together with Boston Consultant Group and Tencent Market Solutions create special webinar lectures to help you to be familiar with complicate China internet landscape and dive into China young generation’s consumption world.
These lectures will provide cutting-edge insights and expertise for international brands that are about to enter the Chinese market, or those are preparing to further upgrade and transform in China from different perspectives..

This course aims to:
1. Provide the overseas fashion industry with a better understanding of the Chinese market.
2. Provide further insight into a particular consumer segment of the luxury market.
3. Give brands with practical marketing solutions for the Chinese luxury market, including:
· lHow to use effective internet tools to successfully enter the Chinese market.
· How to use the internet tools to reach Chinese consumers, especially millennials and VICs, to further facilitate their conversion.

Session 1
[The Driven Force] 
New trends in the Chinese consumer market under the wave of the Internet

Chinese consumer market, Chinese Internet ecology, market growth dynamics, growth channels and development trends

[Speakers ]
Lin An [Managing Director and Partner] [Boston Consulting Group (BCG)]
Akie Feng [Account Director of International FMCG Department] [Tencent Marketing Solution]

Section 2
[The Ways] 
New paradigm of digitalization of Chinese luxury market

user insights, consumer reach and conversion, brand communication, long-term brand growth

Stefan Huang [Project Leader] [Boston Consulting Group (BCG)]
George Xie [Planning Head of CPG Industry] [Tencent Marketing Solution]